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october 17.
southern not by accident.
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I want all of these so bad!
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Anonymous: what are your thoughts on gay marriage and do you have any gay friends?

While I don’t believe gay marriage necessarily follows God’s intent for marriage, I also don’t believe one person has the authority to stop another person from being happy. Gay marriage isn’t for me, but people shouldn’t be stopped from loving whoever they love. Who am I to tell someone that they’re a sinner or going to hell because their sexuality is different than mine? I’m a Christian and it’s discouraging to watch fellow Christians scrutinize things they have no control over. Has God come down and declared them the next Savior with the power to label someone as unworthy? Don’t think so. Sorry I get worked up about this subject😒

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Yep, I was THAT girl in the lily store today… Whatever, so worth it!😍😊

lobstah roll
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Sailboats are coming out to play for dinner tonight! And I’m not ashamed of my obsession with my new Kendra Scott’s. Everything is better when your boyfriend gives it to you 💗⛵️



i feel like theres a bond when i see other girls wearing Jacks when I’m wearing mine 


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